♥ Welcome to our Sacred Birman Cattery ♥

While beauty is a factor linked to individual taste, exceptional adaptability to man, the careful and never intrusive dedication, are qualities that make the Birman cat an ideal companion for those who want a four-legged friend with a strong personality, but not noisy or hyperactive. A curious cat, with an intense look and a sweet expression; its affectionate, faithful and quiet character make it a cat suitable for life at home, in the family, with children and elderly people.

Graphic by Chiara De Paolis

♥ August 2020 ♥

Two new Birman Lady have become part of the Big Family di Sole&Azzurro ... view their presentation : )

♥ News Kittens ♥

Ginevra and Gilly di Sole&Azzurro grow up happy

(DOB 7.3.2020 Raina Medicat x Vento Nero delle Ninfe del Lago)