Occasionally we have kittens available.


In 2024 kitten's name will start with the letter L.


The kittens will not be released until they reach 3/4 months of age. A serious breeder knows that meeting this need is fundamental for a correct kitten's psychophysical developement.


  • Our breeding cats are tested for Fiv/Felv, HCM and PKD.
  • Our babies will be sold exclusively as pet cats (not for breeding) and they must be sterilized at the right age.
  • If kittens had the right characteristics they could be brought to a Cat Show and in this case we are available to give you all the necessary advice.


To better protect the health of our kittens, we will only show them to potentional adopters, only after they have made the first vaccine (between 8-10 weeks). In the meantime, we are available to send photos and small videos to the new parents, to involve them in the growth of the kittens.


Please don't be surprised if when you come to visit us at home, we will ask you to wear some shoe covers and to disinfect your hands before strike our cats; it's not a lack of courtesy, but simply a way to protect and respect the well-being of our birmans.


Kittens are normally delivered to the new owners at our home after previous mutual knowledge and they will be: 


- Socialized at best

- Able to use the litter box

- with a double vaccination  (FelV vaccine on request by the buyer)

- Dewormed (twice)
- Weaned

- with certificate of Good Health

- with a microchip
- with a FFH pedigree (FIFe)
- with a vaccination record book

- with a contract and

- a Guide to the kitten care

Breeding kittens will also be delivered:
- with a microchip
on request with a blood group test (borne by the buyer)

- with rabies vaccination (abroad)
- EU Passport
- on request FelV vaccination (borne by the buyer)


We are always happy to hear about the kittens after they have left our nest.


PET QUALITY (not for breeding)
These kittens carry defects in the standard (missing gauntlets or obvious runnners, milk stains, strabismus,...) which don’t allow breeding or showing.

The pet quality kitten is not the reject of the litter!  It is a fantastic cat, well selected, but who is precluded from participation in shows and reproduction.

The pet quality kittens will not be used for breeding and will be neutered at the appropriate age (the owner will take care of sending us the veterinary certificate).


These kittens carry slight imperfections compared to the pure breed standard, generally in the gauntlets, which would not allow them to compete at shows.  They have the morphological characteristics to be good breeders. Breeding kittens are intended only for breeders friends.

These kittens carry morphological and genetic characteristics true to the breed standard and are suitable for reproduction and for shows.  The breeder, however, cannot absolutely guarantee success (you cannot make exact predictions on the development of the kittens; we do not talk about cats but kittens potentially to show).  Only traders and speculators will make false promises and predictions.
The personality of the kitten is very important too.  Only cats with the right attitude for the exhibition environment should be directed towards to a "show career". The well-being of our pet should ALWAYS be our first concern!


Show and Breeding kittens are intended only for breeders friends but sometimes we have show quality kittens that we still sell as pets. Once sterilized, these kittens can be brought to the feline expo.