Our Cattery

We are a small and serious cattery. This means that we are like one big family, my husband Maurizio, our children Alessandro and Alice, our beloved pets which are part of our lives and myself.

It also means that we have litters only occasionally , because for us breeding it's above all a great passion; both for this wonderful breed, that for feline ethology in general.

We only want to raise a few animals. We love and pamper them and offer them a quality of life that recognizes and meets their specific needs for a healthy and balanced growth and for their general well being.

Our pets live with us in a peaceful and clean environment. They actively participate in all family activities and share all common areas, including the bed.

In our opinion, the main task of the breeder is to ensure a good quality of life to his pet and, with regards to selection, to better preserve the breed. The Sacred Birma, amongst the cats, is one of the most difficult breeds to raise.

Our goal is to select this magnificent cat taking into account the morphological, temperament and health qualities of our kittens. We carefully choose a stud which represents, as much as possible, the birman cat standard.

When we mate we take into account the important advice of our cats’ breeders and the judgments given at exhibitions.

To love animals means to understand them and preserve their health by making sure they produce a healthy and strong litter. Consequently, all our cats are FIV / FeLV, HCM, PKD and blood type tested.


We do not sell kittens to pet stores!

They will not be given away before three months of age. They will be weaned, vaccinated, have a health card and a pedigree. As a norm kittens are not shipped, but delivered to the home of the buyer or picked up at our house. We hope to keep in touch with all the kittens that have left our nest.


What is the role of a breeder?

Here is a quote that answers this question in a comprehensive and complete way:

 "A breeder is not just a person who loves cats but also a person who decides to dedicate his life, his free time and his money to the improvement and propagation of a race.”

But what do the words improvement and propagation mean?

To improve a breed means many things: to enrich the gene pool by helping produce healthy subjects within standards; careful selection of the parents taking into account the degrees of consanguinity and their medical history; to enrich the knowledge of genetics and of the issues related to feline health in order to avoid choosing the wrong couple; to be able to recognize diseases that may affect cats; to confine (through castration or sterilization) subjects with genetic or hereditary diseases so that they don’t produce sick or disabled kittens; to follow those cats which are re-housed in order to monitor the health of their offspring, keeping up to date with any developments in research and veterinary medicine for the diseases to which the breed is typically subject to.


Diffusion includes the right choice for the best accommodation of the kittens with responsible and attentive owners, and the effort to make the outside world know of the beauty and characteristics of the breed. "


Dr. Sonia Campa (behavioural consultant specializing in pet cats and bred cats, Educator and Technical CSEN SIUA Canine Mobility Dog)

- Translation by Claudia Negrelli Edwards -