Benefits of sterilisation

All our kittens are sold as "not for breeding", this means that they need to be neutered when they are approx 6-10 months old.


Through sterilisation, you are helping your pet to have a healthier life, as sterilised animals are less prone to certain diseases. Sterilisation may also help to reduce certain undesirable behaviours in your pet.

  • Sterilisation reduces the risk of certain cancers (mammary gland tumours, ovarian and uterine cancers) and womb infections (pyometra) in the female.


  • Castration reduces the risk of testicular cancer in male pets.


  • Heat cycles will stop in sterilised females and they will no longer suffer unnecessarily for not being able to mate. The mating rituals in fact, provide for uninterrupted meowings (even for a week) and often unwanted behaviors, such as marking the surrounding environment (walls, beds, sofas ...) with pee (to attract males).


  • Castration in males will reduce the conflict between males by protecting your cat from serious infectious diseases such as FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and FeLV (feline viral leukemia). Furthermore, sterilization avoids "love escapes" which often end in tragedy on the streets causing fatal accidents for cats. Finally, unwanted sexual behaviors such as continuous vocalization and urinary marking will be canceled.